flight of crows
flight of crows


The importance of playing an active role in finding solutions towards sustainability and exploring the role art can play within that is becoming the driver of my work at the moment.

I started a project called: litterARTI: Art for Awareness and Education about Rubbish and Recycling. We work alongside private organisations, schools and the public to raise awareness about litter, re-use and recycling, in partnership with a vast network of Recycling-Artists, the local council and environment educational groups, generating more public exposure through workshops, public exhibitions, public sculptures and public engagement live- art.

I am also interested in the importance of the role Recycling-Artists play in actively contributing towards finding more sustainable solutions in their exploration of materials. The curious intent and all consuming focus, which leads an artist, to explore a subject through exploration and experimentation, to master these materials as a source of inspiration.

By placing these works in the public eye, bringing the often hidden materials (out of sight, out of mind) into awareness, could really transform fixed opinions and promote a change in behaviour.

I am also a markmaker, charcoal my preferred medium, and I am also working on a sculptural piece and installations inspired by my experiences on our family farm in South Africa.