litterARTI exhibition and workshops

litterARTI exhibition and workshop in Easton, Bristol over the easton Arts Trail

This ground-breaking project facilitates inspiring workshops, creates work for artists,
and explores novel solutions toward sustainability.
Over the weekend of the popular Easton Arts Trail, litter sculptures co-created by local students and professional
recycling artists were exhibited along a major Bristol cycle path and in an adjacent park.
On the Saturday, the sculptures were the main attraction of a widely publicised and well attended community
event, organised with the local council. Which included live-art on site with Jethro Brice, creative fancy dress litter pickings and fun art workshops with Peter Margerum.
After this exhibition the project continues by moving to the Trinity Centre 4 – 9 August, where workshops will be run with additional
artists for charities and youth groups.

Background to the project.
According to a Carnegie UK Trust Publication, Pride in Place: Tackling Incivilities, the amount of people
concerned about the appearance of their local areas, is much higher than those concerned about climate change.
They also make the following statement: “…case studies and other research shows that if citizens can be
supported to overcome the environmental problems in their neighbourhood, they are much more likely to take
action on other environmental problems.”

The abstract concept of climate change is debilitating. Litter being a tangible and unsightly (but unmissable) civic
issue, lends itself to be a vehicle of opportunity in communities to become self responsible and take action.

A Quote from Kenneth Martin on Constructivist Theory: “Material can inspire. Concept dictates material. Material
qualifies concept. “

Litter is a symbol of our mindless behaviour of over-consumption.
By using this readily available, but apparently valueless material in the co-creation of significant public art pieces,
litter is transformed into a symbol of beauty, hope, empowerment and unity.
It provides an opportunity for art to play an active role in finding solutions to sustainability, by
– raising awareness,
– creating empathy,
– articulation, by giving communities a voice
– encouraging expression and critical thinking through creativity
– active education through engagement
– creating confidence
– inspiring activism and action

By facilitating workshops, the creative process deepens a connection with the material. The message gets
internalised, stimulating further interest in the subject of sustainability.

An exhibition space dedicated to litter, stimulates informal conversations, encouraging us to question our own
relationship with waste.

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