I am a markmaking artist and draw inspiration from being in nature, the human figure and the subconscious.

I explore perception (or sensing to include all senses) and the boundaries of what is perceived as reality. To do on-site observational drawings and then to become still in the place using mindfulness-based techniques, I explore automatic – subconscious drawing which gets revealed in that same place as well. I am also fascinated by the idea of the Shaman in tribal communities, and also how by nurturing an open and sensitive energy field, the artist can play a role as a mediator between nature and society. The artist in a way becomes the conscience of Society.

Exploring the energetic polarities of Ego and Body-mind, Masculine and Feminine, Culture and Nature. By neglecting one polarity, the opposite gets weakened; only through embracing the opposite the other gets strengthened. Exploring the edges of these forms, being open and accepting to all possibilities in full self-awareness, locating subtle recognition of balance and disappearance of their boundaries.

Little dude dreaming...

Little dude dreaming…

Spring 2014

Spring 2014

Breaking free

Breaking free 2014


subconscious drawings



alittle-a trees

tree by Alittle-A